B A F Shaheen College Dhaka Alumni Association
NEWS: 25th November, 2010: Ex-Shaheens Association Dhaka (ESAD) is proud to announce that it has received approval and registration from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh for carrying on its activities as a non-profit organization. The Association will be governed under the constitution posted on this official ESAD website. Click here for a view of our Registration Certificate. ESAD looks forward to the continuous support from its member in achieving its goal set forth in our constitution.

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Situated over an area of approximately 1.56 square kilometers, "Dhaka Shaheen" is by far the largest school (and college) in the metropolitan Dhaka area.

Very often, an ex-shaheen will say, “my time at SHAHEEN was the best years of my life”.


It is a powerful statement reflecting the wonderful associations they had with other students, teachers and administration within the academic environment. Whether you left Shaheen last year or 40 years ago, keep your involvement with Shaheen by joining Ex-shaheens Association, Dhaka. Every ex-student of BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka, is important to the success of the Association.


It is our hope that this website will eventually become the main resource center for BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka.


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